Never Worry About Your WordPress Website Again

Whether you need a new WordPress website or already have one you would like us to manage or you need some SEO advice, we have the experience, tools and monitoring to take care of it for you.

24/7 Support & Website Monitoring
We check your website every minute. If your website goes offline, then we take action within 60 seconds. Our team is available 24/7.
Unlimited website Updates
We're ready to help you with updating your website & the content on it 24/7. Need an image changed or some CSS updated? We'll take care of it.
Offsite Daily Backups
We will backup your website daily and keep them safe on secure cloud servers. We're ready 24/7 with a 1-click restore functionality if you ever need it.
Trusted 24/7 Security
We will strengthen your website’s defenses, preventing any hack attempts, or security breaches. Keeping your visitors’ data and yours safe is our top priority.
Page Speed Optimization
Our Lite Speed WordPress Speed Optimization Services can help you solve slow site problems, fix Core Web Vitals issues, score higher in Google PageSpeed Insights.
Fast Turnaround
After our initial consultation, we can get your project on our schedule and completed in as little as 2-3 weeks.
Weekly Software Updates
We manually update your plugins, themes, and WordPress core files weekly. We'll send you a confirmation report every Monday when we are done.
Premium WordPress Plugins
Using our maintenance service automatically grants you access to top-notch premium plugins and themes to enhance the functionality of your website.


Why waiting for an email reply if you can easily find the answer here? We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions… Kindly check through.

Our maintenance plans come with unlimited updates for content such as images, text, banners, and theme settings. Plugin settings and custom CSS changes are included as well. Sadly, PHP changes, theme/plugin code changes, graphic design, or help with building new websites are not included in our maintenance plans.

Yes we do! Advanced WordPress websites such as eCommerce sites and multi-language websites require our Premium Maintenance plan.

Of course, you can get as many websites as you’d like maintained. Our pricing plans cover 1 website. For example, if you have multiple websites on subdomains, QorePress.com, and blog.QorePress.com, they count as two separate websites.

It doesn’t matter to us which hosting service you’re using. If you’re tired of your hosting service, then we’ll happily help you migrate to a new one.

The short answer is 1-4 hours. After you submit a support ticket, then you’ll get an automated response right away to confirm that we’ve received your email. Within 1-4 hours, you’ll get an email from our support team. They’ll let you know whether or not the issue has been resolved. If it’s a complex issue, then they’ll give you an Estimated Time for when it’s done.

Our team handles your themes, plugin, and WordPress core updates manually during low-traffic hours. It’s done weekly. You’ll get a report every Monday with information on exactly what we have changed. We always have backups ready if anything goes wrong to ensure you don’t have any downtime.

Yes, it’s included in our Premium Maintenance. We will clean your website within 24 hours.


    Spend less time worrying about WordPress issues and delegate your tedious technical tasks to the professionals so you can spend more time doing the work you love.

    Our website web maintenance solutions are suited for a wide range of businesses and teams.
    100% money-back guarantee if we are unable to fix your website
    Third-party scripts optimized by deferred loading
    Database optimization and removal of unused tables


    Don’t just take it from us, here’s what a few of our valued clients are saying about our WordPress Maintenance and Support Services.